Reiner Dohrmann

Secretary General
Peter C. Ryan
Middlebury College

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Algerian Clay Group
Mr A. Bengueddache (President)
Mr Mohamed Khodja (Secretary) - mohamed.khodja[at]

(British) Clay Minerals Group
The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Chris Greenwell (Chairman) - chris. greenwell[at]
Contact: S. Kemp (Secretary) - sjk[at]

Chinese Association for the Study of Clays
Prof. Hongping He (President) hehp[at]
Prof.. Runliang Zhu (Secretary) zhurl[at]

Clay Minerals Society of India
Dr. S.K. Singh (President)
Contact: Dr. S.C. Datta - samar1953[at]

Clay Science Society of Japan
Prof. T. Hatta (President)
Dr. M. Kawano (Secretary)
Contact: Dr. Tsutomu Sato - tomsato[at]

Croatian Clay Group
Assoc. Prof. Anita Grizelj (President) - anita.grizelj[at]
Contact: Dr. Nikolina Ilijanic (Secretary) - nilijanic[at]

Czech National Clay Group
Dr. Miroslav Pospíšil (Chairman) - pospisil[at]
Dr. Martin Štastný (Vice Chairman) - stastny[at]

European Clay Groups Association
Dr. Jean-Luis Robert (President) - Jean-Luis.Robert[at]
Dr. Miroslav Pospíšil (Secretary) - pospisil[at]

French Clay Group (GFA)
Dr. Bruno Lanson (President) - bruno.lanson[at]
Dr. Alain Jacquet (Secretary) - alain.jacquet[at]

German-Austrian-Swiss Clay Group (DTTG)
Dr. Reinhard Kleeber (President) - kleeberg[at]
Contact: Matthias Schellhorn (Secretary) - matthias.schellhorn[at]

Hungarian Clay Group
Dr. Erzsébet Tóth (President) - celadonite[at]
Contact: Dr. Ferenc Kristály (Secretary)

Korean Clay Science Society
Prof. Jin-Ho Choy (President) - jhchoy[at]
Contact: Prof. Jinwook Kim (Secretary) - jinwook[at]

Israel Society of Clay Research
Giora Rytwo (President) - giorarytwo[at]
Contact: Giora Rytwo

Italian Association for the Study of Clays (AISA)
Dr. Aldo Mirabella (President, 2014-2017) - presidenza[at]
Dr. Michele Dondi (Liaison Officer) - michele.dondi[at]

(North American) Clay Minerals Society
Prakash B. Malla (President) - prakash.malla[at]
Warren Huff (Secretary) - warren.huff[at]

Polish Clay Group
Czeslaw August (President) - czeslaw.august[at]

Portuguese Clay Group
Associação Portuguesa de Argilas (APA)

Prof. Fernando Rocha (President) - frocha[at]
Dr. Cristina Sequeira (Secretary) - mcsequeira[at]

Russian Clay Group
Prof. Victor Drits (Honorary President)
Dr. Victoria Krupskaya (President) krupskaya[at]
Contact: Petr Belousiv (Secretary) - pitbl[at]

Slovak Clay Group
Dr. Jana Madejova (President 2009) - Jana.Madejova[at]
Contact: Dr. Peter Komadel - uachkomp[at]

Spanish Clay Society
Sociedad Española de Arcillas (SEA)
Prof. Fernando Nieto (President) - presidente[at]
Dr. Africa Yebra (Secretary) - secretaria[at]

Clay Science Society - Turkey
Prof. Dr. Asuman Turkmenoglu (President) - asumant[at]
Prof. Dr. Haluk Akgun (Secretary-General) - hakgun[at]

Tunisian Clay Group (TGC)
Fakher Jamoussi (President) - fakher.jamoussi[at]
Mondher Hachani (Secretary)

Ukrainian Clay Group
Contact: Nikolai Lebovka - lebovka[at]

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